ACM Group understands that debt issues can be very stressful, falling behind or stop paying bills can feel overwhelming. Unemployment, relationship breakdown or illness can impact anyone at any time. You may have taken up an offer to increase your credit card limits, forget to pay bills on time or took out a payday loan to replace a broken fridge. It’s important to know that you can ask for debt help – from your creditors, from financial counsellors, and trustworthy information sources – before you take on more responsibilities such as a debt consolidation loan. Here are our top five tips for what to do if you need help with debt:

Get in touch

If you fall behind on bills or payments, you may receive overdue notices and letters of final demand, or your debt may be transferred to a company such as ACM Group. If you are having difficulty making a payment, call your creditor and let them know so they can assist. If you receive correspondence from ACM Group, get in touch. ACM Group staff receive training from one of Australia’s leading financial counselling services on respectfully listening to our customers to find a workable solution to their debt problems. We resolve debt problems in a respectful, ethical way, so get in touch by calling us toll free on 1800 673 668.

Seek help from a financial counsellor

You are not alone in facing debt problems. As well as getting in touch with ACM Group or another creditor straight away, you can get free debt assistance from financial counsellors. You can talk to a phone financial counsellor from anywhere in Australia by ringing 1800 007 007 between 9.30 am and 4.30 pm, Monday to Friday. Visit our link to the Financial Counselling Australia website to find a service near you.

Don’t take on more debt

Talk to your existing creditors, use online tools and seek the advice of a financial counsellor At ACM Group, our Relationship Managers are empowered to negotiate a solution to your debt problems, and it doesn’t cost you a cent to get your credit record reviewed.

Maintaining your payments

Once you have reached a workable agreement with a creditor, it’s important that you keep making payments. If you find you’re having a tougher time than you anticipated, please get in touch with them straight away. The best result for everyone is a settled account.

Use online tools

The Money Smart website is provided by the Federal Government and the Australian Securities and Investment Commission and provides financial guidance you can trust. As well as general advice and handy tools like budget calculators, there is specialist information on issues facing young people, seniors, Indigenous people, families and women. Financial counselling service websites and State or Territory Departments of Fair Trading or Consumer Affairs also offer useful online information and over-the-counter help.


Disclaimer: ACM Group believes that informed consumers are the best consumers. The information contained on this website is general advice aimed at improving financial literacy and breaking the cycle of debt. It is not intended to imply any recommendation or opinion about a financial product.